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AEC Regal from the American Red Cross

On a trip to London I found something I wanted for some time.
(Model finished 2008)

It was an 1/76 scale AEC 10T10 Regal bus. It was a die cast but it will do fine. So why would I want one. Well the American Red Cross used them as Club mobiles serving coffee and doughnuts during WW2 and I've wanted one in model ever since I saw a picture of them.

I dismantled the bus and started on a simple interior. I'm probably overdoing it since very little will be seen through the small windows, but I rather do that than discover that things are missing after I'm finished. I printed two kinds of flower pattern that will be used as curtains. They are doll house wallpapers that I downloaded. They come in 72 dpi but I changed that to 600 dpi. When printed they become much smaller than the original.

I search the net for pictures of the interior and found enough to build one. I finally found pictures of a real doughnut machine as well, so I tried to build one with the help of the pictures.
Baskets for the doughnuts was made from stainless steel net. Stupid choice of material as it was very hard to work with.

Doughnuts was made of a plastic tube. Here are some pictures after I loaded up the doughnuts. The coffee urns were made from some aircraft bombs. Everything is very small, but it was a fun challenge making the details.

With the doughnuts loaded on the bus, I needed to build coffee cups and two other small items for my bus.
First a radio. I'm not sure if it is a right variant for a mobile vehicle but I liked the model: I searched a bit and it seems that I built a 1937 Philco 37-60 radio. Perhaps it can work in this setting even though I would have hoped it had been an early 1940th radio.
A dough-mixing bowl was built out of a aircraft propeller-spinner of suitable size and shape

I wanted some figures in the bus. I had learned that even though the girls were American they used the same type of uniforms as the women in the Royal air force. So, I used the WAAF-set from CMK. I converted the lady in skirt to the one in the white coat. Rather bad painting but not much will be seen when the bus is finished.

I also made a very simple interior in the back with some bunks for the crew. The wall shelfs look to big. Now there is just a few small details left before I can paint the bus and put it together.

I mounted the curtains and the shelfs at the rear, (Well I had built them so why not use them)
The curtain pattern is an 1940th pattern as far as I know. I've also added some magazines to fill out some empty space

An EFE 1/76 diecast transformed to an ARC Club mobile just like the originals were. I used Tamiya XF66 graycolor on it.

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