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C-79 an USAAF Ju52

While waiting for Airfix to make a new mould Ju52 I am building the old one.
(Model finished 2015)

As I am doing it in airliner configuration I closed the gunnerís hole in the roof and made doors in the fuselage behind the cockpit. The corrugation on the doors were made with 0,3 mm plastic rods. I made them the same size as the rear passenger, but I think the doors became too wide.

The American bomber crew in the kit was of no use so I picked some pilots from the DH Heron instead.

I found the canopy being too short, so something had to be done about it.
I am building a frame behind it with 0,75x0,75 mm plastic and will use putty to fill the gaps in the front.

The Cyclone engines from Flightpath are finally in place.

Which gave the old lady a new look.

The oil coolers were lifted from the Italeri kit and thanks to David, a fellow modeller I have DC-3 propellers from the new Airfix kit for this build.

Next stop: the paint booth.

The USAAF C-79 ready. The only C-79 in the USAAF inventory (as far as I know).

I'm very grateful to David who donated propellers from the new Airfix C-47 for this project.

It had flown for a couple of South American airlines before being confiscated by Peruvian government in 1941.
It was later acquired by the USAAF as war prize and got new engines, instruments and radio among other changes.
It was used in the Panama Canal Zone, in service with the USAAF 20th Transportation Squadron, Sixth Air Force.

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