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Centurion tank


I have started on a Centurion Mk.3 from ACE I will build it as a Swedish Strv 81 with the A model gun.
(Model finished 2023)

No bigger problems with the kit to start with. Some adaption of the holes for alignment pins are needed sometimes. The biggest problem has been the instructions. Parts have the wrong part numbers sometimes and the numbers occasionly even missing. I was going to add the front plate but it didn't have the part number on the instruction. I looked at the sprues and found one that looked right. I had a look at the Mk.5 instruction and it showed that I found the right part. But I like this kit. Fine details and parts that fit.

When I did a search for Mike Starmer's mixes for the S.C.C.15 I found two Humbrol and two Tamiya mixes. As it turned out I only had the paints for one of the Tamiya mixes. I made a batch that I hope is enough for this model. The camera shows it greener than it is.

Started to convert the fenders. I found more parts that got the wrong number on the instructions. The Mk.5 kit seems to have these fault fixed. I had problems with the idler wheel assembly. The instructions are unclear on how to mount them. I glued them in the wrong position twice and had to remove them. Finally I dragged out my dead Airfix build to look at it to understand how I should do. Hopefully I got it right now. Third time lucky.

The new fenders are taking shape. It is beginning to look like a tank.

As I'm building it as a Strv 81 from the first batch delivered I can use most of the kit without to much alternations. I haven't looked much at the last page of the instructions which shows decal placements since I'm doing mine Swedish. Now I had a glance and saw something written at the bottom. "Up to date instructions are to be found at the ACE home page." I went there and the instructions had fixed all problems I found on mine.

Well. I never knew that it would be so hard to build a Centurion Mk.3 from a Mk.3 kit. I have now learned that the hatch on the rear of the turret was something carried over from the Mk.2 to early Mk.3 and wrong for my build.

Only one thing do do. Remove it, it was a quick job to. I just wish I had found this out earlier before I added so much stuff to the turret. At least I haven't painted it yet.

A Jerrycan was added where the hatch has been

I think that I have it ready for paint

Now I can start on a Mk.5 and perhaps buy a third Centurion kit.

I got a bit nervous when I was going to start on the decals.
I was afraid the ther turret numbers would be to high to fit under the boxes but I was lucky and they turned out to be a perfect fit.

So I've finished an ACE Centurion Mk.3 with the A-type of gun.

In Sweden a Strv 81.

In 1953 Sweden got 80 Centurion Mk.3. I tried to build mine as they looked at the start of their service here.

Stockholm February 08, 2016 No updates
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