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Czech panzers

PzKpfw 35(t)

This is Esci's Panzer 35(t) in Rumanian service during Operation Barbarossa.
(Model finished 2003)

I found an article on how to scratchbuild this tank in a old magazine. I didn't have to use the article to build this tank but I used it as a source to make the decals.

Panzer 35 ARV

I converted the Panzer 35 in to a Armoured Recovery Vehichle or perhaps it was used as a Muntionspanzer (it's a bit unclear, perhaps it was used in both roles) but I liked the look of it so I built one.
(Model finished 2000)

It has a roof made of cigarette paper on a plastic frame and a towing hook made of plastic strips. I also gave the jerrycans new handles. These models was probably built around 1998.

PzKpfw 38(t) variants


A Hetzer from Esci or UM, I don't remember anymore.
(Model finished 2003)

Probably built out of the box. I found a note saying Esci.


The Bergehetzer started out as a nomal Hetzer from Esci. I cut away the roof and the gun mount and filled the hole after the gun with plastic card.
(Model finished 2000)

I then scratchbuilt the interior and the recovery equipment.

I know that there are Bergehetzers made in resin, but that isn't my material and I like these little projects of mine.

Sd.Kfz 140/1

An Aufklärungspanzer built on the Pz.38(t) chassies from Attack.
(Model finished 2015)

It was built "straight from the box". It was a bit tricky to assemble but I like the end result.

Sd.Kfz.138 Marder III

Marder III from UM
(Model finished 2007)

Well the UM kit isn't built without problems either. The instructions are not always clear, and I found the etched parts hard to work with since the material was rather thick. The "struts" for the fenders are for some reason on the etch plate but they forgot to make all of them so two was missing.

I ended up doing all the struts from plastic card so they could be glued. The wheels had a good fit without gluing so I could glue all tracks to the wheels and was able to remove the complete track run (with the wheels) for easier painting. The tracks fitted well but it took some time to do.

Pz.Jäg.38(t) Marder III Auf.M

Marder III Ausf.M from Attack.
(Model finished 2007)

The Attack kit isn't the easiest kit to build. The instructions are a bit fuzzy and the tracks are fiddly and hard worked. The idea with length of tracks to be wrapped around the idler and sprocket wheels might sound good but the plastic used makes it difficult. It isn't soft enough, so it breaks easy even though the plastic is softer than on the StuG III that I built earlier.

I had to scratch along every track link to be able to bend them. I feel that the wheels are much to simplified when one compares them to the UM kit. On the issue of the wheels, it wasn't easy to get them in place. The fit wasn't too good. Both Marders were built in 2007.

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