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Boulton Paul Defiant

Remember this old kit from Airfix? It was released in 1960.
(Model finished 2018)

I will build the new kit as a Rescue plane but decided to build the old one to compare both kits. I built it in one day and started to paint it the next evening.
But I feel that the NATO-black is to grey so I think that I will have to repaint it.
For many years I had a plan to try and modify the old kit but never got around to it so Airfix beat me to it and released a new kit. But I always liked the box art of the old kit, so I had to get one as well.

I have revised my thoughts on the NATO black. Looking at it now in day light I think it look just right. Now I want more black fighters.
Spitfire, Hurricane, Defiant........

Three days from start to finish. It could have been finished in two, but why hurry? Absolutely nothing added or changed except for some putty......

I always wanted to build one ever since I first saw the box art. That changed when I many years later saw pictures of the real plane (and of the kit). It looks much cooler on the Airfix box. The nose profile looks more like a Kestrel engine plane. I am about to start on the new Airfix kit, so I decided to build this one as well. It will be interesting having them side by side.

One week after the black one was finished I started on the new tool Defiant from Airfix. It will be an ASR-plane.
(Model finished 2021)

This is how far I got before the project died.

It took me almost two years to restart it. One reason is to reduce the wall of shame and the second reason is it has the same colours as a Spitfire Iím building so I can paint them at the same time.

Slowly going forward. Another coat of paint.

TStarted on the decals, I am beginning to like this "darkish" scheme. I was fond of the yellow codes on the Spitfire but now I think that red is what I like better. I need to find myself a Walrus now.

I had hopes that I should have finished it earlier, but since I started on it in January 2018, it seems alright if it is finished in January as well. I got all of the decals in place, so the landing gear are next on the list.

For smoke bombs I used bombs from the Bristol Bulldog on this one like I did on the Spitfire and my P-47. I needed to build streamlined covers at the ends of the dinghy packs as they seems to be on a Defiant but for a Lysander they look OK.

Up, up and away....

There are some small things that I didn't like with the kit. The plastic is much too soft. One antenna broke when I was cutting it off the sprue, but that didn't matter as it had to be cut down anyway when gear is down.The other antenna broke while trying to mount it, and the pitot tube also was damaged.The other thing I didn't like was that the gun barrels wasn't separate pieces that could be attached at the end of the build. Now they went on early and bent while handling the model and finally one broke off.

But in the end, I am happy to have built it.

The carpet monster nicked my finished smoke bombs, so I had to come up with new ones.

Old and new mould Defiant's together.

My two ASR-planes from the RAF. I have more planned. I wish that Airfix would make a new Walrus.

Stockholm April 01, 2018 Updated January 16, 2021
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