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Northrop Delta and Gamma

Northrop Delta 1E

A Northrop Gamma from Williams Br. converted to the Northrop Delta 1E that AB Aerotransport bought for their night mail transports.
(Model finished 2013)

Looking very similar but much fatter than the Northrop Gamma I started by making the fuselage wider with plastic strips.

I had to add normal aileron instead of the table version in the kit.

A new engine came from Aeroclub and the canopy was scratch built. So here is the plane named "Småland" it crashed in the Swedish province Småland on its first mail run between Stockholm and Malmö 1934.

A base for the plane was made in the shape of the ABA logo.

Northrop Gamma 2A

Williams Br. Northrop Gamma kit built out of the box.
(Model finished 2013)

This plane was the first production aircraft and was bought by the Texaco company. It was used in some record flights.

I made a simple base for this one to.

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