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The E-series.

The Entwicklung series ("development"), or E-Series, was a late World War II attempt by Germany to produce a standardised series of tank designs. There were to be five different weight classes (E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75 and E-100)

The E-10 would be in the 10 to 25 tonnes weight class replacement of the Jagdpanzer 38(t).
The E-25 designs, in the 25-50 tonnes weight class, were to be the replacements of all Panzer III and Panzer IV based designs.
The E-50 Standardpanzer was intended as a standard medium tank, replacing the Panther and Tiger I and the conversions based on these tanks.
The E-75 Standardpanzer was intended to be the standard heavy tank to be used as a replacement of the Tiger II and Jagdtiger.
The E-100 was to be a superheavy combat tank designed to be the replacement for the prototype-only Maus. Development and building of a prototype E-100 started in 1944 but was largely abandoned after the end of the development of the Maus.

E-25 from Pegasus.

There were two snap kits in the box. I wasn't too fond of the tracks as they felt thick and simple.
I decided to replace them with the tracks from an Esci Panther.

Removing the old tracks isn't too bad, just boring and a bit time consuming maybe. I cut the tracks close to the sides of the wheels with a sprue cutter and then removed the tracks around the wheels with a sharp hobby knife.
(Model finished 2005)

The first kit was built out of the box (well except for the tracks). I opted for a primer red base colour with green stripes on this one.

With the second one I played around a little.
(Model finished 2005)

I used the front fenders from a Hasegawa Panther and rear fenders from the AMC Sturmtiger. There are also spare tracks from the Dragon Panther and finally "schürzen" from the Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV just to get a different look. The IR parts are included in the kit.

I opted for a primer red base for this one to but late war city fighting got my mind racing. I am associating to red brick rubble when I'm thinking about that, so the red primer base was used again this time with red-brown and dunkelgelb urban camo, leaving the green out completely. I used the Berlin brigade Chieftain's camo as a pattern for this.


E100. Only the chassis was finished. It was taken to the United Kingdom for evaluation purposes and eventually scrapped.
(Model finished 2008)

The kit from Dragon was built out of the box

Personally, I'm not too fond of the green, but I left it like this. It was brighter before I gave it a black wash.

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