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Lufthansa Junkers F.24

Well it seems like I got stuck on corrugated aircrafts. Here is another one. After the small single engine Junkers F.13 bigger planes were needed. A bigger variant was the three engine Junkers G.24. Junkers converted this plane into a single engine cargo plane called Junkers F.24. To do this the outer part of the wings was removed. Then the part of the wing with the engine was removed before the outer wings were reattached to the central part of the wing. The engine in the fuselage was replaced with a more powerful type. This model comes from Classic Plane, it contains a Junkers G.24 in 1/72 scale and a conversion set to build it as a F.24. The conversion follows the real conversion. Cut the wing engines away and replace the nose of the fuselage. This one got an enclosed cock-pit as well. The decals were for a Lufthansa machine.
(Model finished 2005)

Stockholm May 15, 2005 No updates
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