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North American F-86 Sabre

UN Canadair Sabre Mk.4

I have built two SAAB Tunnan in UN Markings and have decided to build some of the other planes involved in the conflict in Congo in the early 1960th as well.
(Model finished 2014)

I found that there were three country's operating the F-86 there. Finding information of the Ethiopian and Iranian Sabres was rather easy but the third posed some problems. I found references to Italy and Philippines for these planes. Finally, with help from people on different forums I learned that UN bought five Sabres from Italy and they were operated by personnel from the Philippines.

These planes were ex RAF Sabre 4, so I used the Airfix kit for my build. It was built straight out of the box. I only added the ONU markings and the serial numbers.

F-86F-40 Iranian AF

I wanted the other F-86 operators in Kongo as well. First out is Iran.
(Model finished 2016)

This is a Fujimi F-86F-40 kit. Decals come from HI Decal.

F-86F-40 Ethiopian AF

The second one is from Ethiopia. I built the Fujimi kit with decals from LF Models
(Model finished 2016)

For some reason I decided to convert the front parts of the wings.

Stockholm March 8, 2014 Updated November 17, 2016
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