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Fokker V8

This is not a joke even if it looks like one. I bought three 1/72 scale Fokker Dr.1 and a Fokker D.VII from Revell and brought out the saw.
(Model finished 2008)

I cut up the Dr.1 wings and put them together again. Now with a larger span. The cuts are marked on the picture.

I also had to mix the fuselages from the two kits. The forward part is from the D.VII and the rear from a Dr.1.

Then it was time to start adding some wings.

I needed to scratch build the engine panels.

After that more wings and some wheels were added Next on the list are some struts for the top wing. Oh, I almost forgot. It is a Fokker V.8.
It did actually fly. Anthony Fokker few it once, did some reconstructions and tried it a second time. After this test he ordered it to be scrapped.

I wasn't happy with the result of my build, so I removed the three wings at the front and mowed them forward. I also moved the middle wing up so that there would be the same distance between all wings. While I was at it I also adjusted the angle of the top of the rear wings, so this is how it looked like before painting with all struts in place.

The finished plane painted and with decals.

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