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Hawker Fury

I have no idea why I have this one in the stash as it isn't something that I have had any interest in.
(Model finished 2023)

Nostalgia seeing these colours again.

A speed group build gave me the inspiration to build it though.

But I didn't look in the box before the speed build began so when I found the decals to bad I couldn't finish it in time

I have found a mix of roundels from different Airfix kits that perhaps are to dark blue but the look better than the pale blue Matchbox roundels. I had to repaint the blue on the rudder decal though.

I planned to rig it but when I saw pictures of the real plane I found to many mistakes with the decals so I just quit.
First of all there are a thin white line around the roundels. Next is that the squares on the fuselage is placed wrong. The box top showed them one way and the marking instructions another. Of course I choose wrong. There should be three black scuares at the top. The white squares should be the fuselage colour and not white.

Stockholm October 08, 2023 No updates
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