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Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C

The 251/1 is an Esci Ausf, C that got a MG42 (from Matchbox) on a scratch built tripod to act as a "Heavy MG".
(Model finished 2000)

Sd.Kfz.251/2 Ausf.D Mortar carrier

The 251/2 is the second Ausf.D conversion I made. I scratch built an 8cm mortar that I mounted in the fighting compartment.
(Model finished 2000)


This is an Esci Sd.Kfz 251 Ausf.C which has been modified into an Ausf.D so that I could mount an Airfix PaK40 on an scratch built lavettage. I read an article on how to build this vehicle in 1/35 and I liked the look of it. When I found an article on how to modify the Esci 1/72 Ausf.C into an Ausf.D the work was on its way.
(Model finished 1998)

A bad picture of the conversion work.

Sd.Kfz.252 ammo carrier

I converted the Esci SdKfz 250 in to the ammo carrier SdKfz 252. I'm working on a StuG to accompany it and found a drawing of the ammo trailer at last.
(Model finished 2000)

Sd.Kfz.9 "FAMO"

The Revell "FAMO" built out of the box
(Model finished 2010)

This one was planned to be in a diorama featuring five "FAMO's" towing an Elefant. I started to build it but it ended up painted but not assembled for a couple of years before I finally decided to put the parts together. By then I had lost interest in it so no more were built.

I ought to get at least one nore. One with the earth spade.

Demag D7 (Arttrak m/40)

I built the Sd.Kfz.10 towing a leFH.18. I read that the gun was to big for the Demag but we had this combination in Sweden during the WW2 and that is what I built. The Swedish designation became Artilleritraktor m/40 and 10,5 cm Haubits m/39.
Both kits are from ACE.
(Model finished 2007)

I have added an extension to the luggage rack an built a new mount for the towing hook. I also added triangles between the sides and the fenders and a box on the rear fender as well as an engine heater to the front of the vehichle since it was used in the north parts of Sweden.

Well the tracks wasn't to bad to do with the help of a "Etch mate" but I had problems with the teeth on the tracks. I couldn't figure out how to match them with the wheels so I ended up removing the teeth where they connects with the wheels.
Since it is a shortrun one has to dry fit the parts but I guess I didn't do that good enough if you look at the side view it looks like a big rock has landed in the center of the vehichle bending it downwards.

One thing I'm not sure of is the bonnet (or hood or what it is called) perhaps there were different types but I feel that it should be more round at the rear bringing the center almost up to the window. I have now made some cuts in it trying to fix this.

I am reworked the hood on the D7. I put a piece of 1x1mm plastic strip on top of the dash board and cut the engine hood in half bending the rear center upward. So now it is slooping forward and look more like the pictures I've seen.

Stockholm January 31, 2020 Updated February 03, 2022
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