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Heinkel He70

Lufthansa Heinkel He70

An old 1/72 scale Heinkel He70 from Matchbox. I built it as a plane from Lufthansa. The kit could be built in three different versions.
This passenger version, one bomb plane and the third was also military but with a different engine., a He170
(Model finished 2003)


I run out of Matchbox kits so I got some in the Revell box.


Heinkel He70 in Spain

I built one as the bomb plane out of the box.
(Model finished 2020)

When I found pictures of planes in Spain with the same colour scheme as the civilian one, I decided to paint it like that.

Some swapping among the decal sheets gave me what I needed.

With this one built and the civilian built earlier it was time for a conversion.

I have plans to build some planes that has holes instead of the usual exhaust stubs and have been thinking of a way to do this.
I used a nose from a He70 for the experiments. I filled the hole with magic Sculp.

I built a tool that I pressed down into the clay.

The result is good enough for me.

I just moistened the tool so the clay wouldn't stick to it. I had a Messerschmitt build on hold because of the problem with making the exhausts and when I found out that I needed the same type on a Kestrel engine He70 I had to do something about it.

Rolls Royce Heinkel He70

I used the nose from an Airfix Hawker Demon and made exhausts like I did on my earlier experiment
(Model finished 2020)

Rolls Royce bought one to use as a flying test bed for engines.

I thought that the pointy nose together with the shape of the wings looked better than the original Heinkel nose, so it had to be built.

With three He70 built I now need to finish a He170.

Stockholm May 15, 2005 Updated December 16, 2020
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