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de Havilland Heron

Airfix DH Heron in 1/72 was the first kit that I ever built a long time ago. Time to do it again.
(Model finished 2014)

I'll try to build it out of the box in the Shell air markings in the kit. But it is hard to fix the rivets that disappear while sanding so I redid them all.

But I ran in to trouble with the canopy. It didn't fit at all. The framing on the canopy is wrong so I glued it in place sanded off the frames and masked for the new windows. I then filled the gap between the fuselage and the canopy with Magic Sculp putty. When I had fixed the gap, I brushed on putty on the canopy and sanded it down to the same thickness as the masking tape. Then I just had to remove the tape check out the result. A few repairs were needed but the final result turned out better than I hoped.

Stockholm May 11, 2014 No updates
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