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Hawker Hurricane

I hadn't finished a kit since February so in November I decided to do a quick build just to break the spell. I bought a Revell 1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIB just before the shop closed on Monday evening. It was the wrong version for the decals, so I filled some panel lines and gun ports on the wings. But on Thursday morning I had it finished.
(Model finished 2015)

But had I taken a look at the picture of the real plane I wouldn't have bothered. There are some faults with the decals.

The stripes on the side is wrong. The longest stripe should be at the bottom and the shortest at the top. There is a text: "The last of the many" missing under the canopy and finally it looks like the text and numbers were white in real life. But I don't really care. It looks good in blue and gold and I needed to get something finished.

Stockholm August 21, 2046 No updates
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