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The Doc model CV33 was a nice surprise. I bought it unseen knowing it was a plastic kit. It was a quick build, but I had some problems. First the instructions.
There arenít any big problems, but one must be awake when building. It is a small kit and there isn't to many parts, but they simplified matters somewhat by using the same numbers on the parts for both the left and right sides even if the parts are mirrored.
On page two of the instructions they left out the part numbers but since it is a rather simple kit it isn't any problems.
(Model finished 2005)

I had some problems fitting the hull top at the front. I had to carve down the left wall to make them fit.
The tracks are very beautiful but are made of "rubber". They can be glued with "super glue" but I don't like the material. I never could mount them looking good.
They are often too soft, so they curve in the wrong directions. I said it is simple, but it is a beautiful little kit


This is an Italian L6/40 tank. It is a Resin kit from Ostmodel. As I avoid Resin if I can it has got to be a model that I really want if I should buy one. This is such object.
(Model finished 2001)

I wanted an Italian tank in the Russian snow. There isn't much to choose from as the Italians didn't use much tanks in Russia. This was really an easy build, no problems whatsoever. I added some Italian mountain troops from Esci to the scene.

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