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JAS 40 Höken

JAS 40 Höken, a cooperation between Lockheed and SAAB.
When I showed this model, I was asked the question: "What is the story behind the F-117?" and the simple answer was: A mistake
(Model finished 2009)

I found a second-hand F-117 from Revell cheap and wanted to build it straight out of the box. But someone said it was a little bit wrong at the rear. So, I had to look and see if it was an easy fix but realized that it was too much to do so I decided to just play around with the kit.

So, I built a SAAB JAS 40 Höken moving the wings as far to the rear as possible using Milliput to blend them in. In the box were a 1/144 scale F-117 with the same faults so I used the fins from it to make the canards in the front. From the rest of the 1/144 kit I built the F1/17 Formula One racer seen at another part of the homepage.

The camouflage was inspired of the Swedish Leopard tanks, but I used darker colours. The decals came from an Italeri JAS 39.

I wanted to make a quick out of the box build but once again I failed. Höken is Swedish for the Hawk.

Stockholm January 25, 2009 Updated June 25, 2013
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