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Leopard 2A4

This is a Leopard 2A4 in German service.
(Model finished 2003)

It is a standard Revell kit built without modifications. I even used the decals that came with the kit.

Leopard 2A4NO

I had started on a conversion to build a Swedish Strv 121 using the Matchbox Leopard 2A4 with parts from the Hasegawa Leopard 2. When Dragon released their Leopard kits I decided to use it instead. So that nothing would go to waste the Matchbox kit was built as a Norwegian tank. I had to rebuild the rear of the turret because of this.
(Model finished 2006)

I cut the ice cleats from the Hasegawa hull and replaced some of the rubber pads on the tracks with them. The tank was painted, and homemade decals completed this.

A camouflage net was made of tea leaf’s on cigarette paper. This was painted white.

A wooden base with micro balloons for snow finished it.

Leopard 2A4FI

A leopard in the woods of Finland.
(Model finished 2006)

This is the Revell Leopard 2A4 with some modifications to build the Finnish vehichle.

Like some boxes and extra handles on the turret. The decals came from a Dragon kit.

Stockholm June 5, 2003 Uppdated January 4, 2020
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