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Westland Lysander

For some reason I never built a Lysander even though I always wanted one. I finally bought an old Airfix kit thinking that I would build the "spy plane". After I had started on it I found a Frog kit as well. I had heard the they were different versions, so I made a small research. It seem that the frog is a Mk.I and the Airfix is a Mk.II so the Airfix kit was wrong for the Mk.IIISCW that was used in the "spy business". The main difference between the marks seem to be the engines. Mk.I and III used a Bristol Mercury and the Mk.II a Bristol Perseus. So, the plans were changed. Now I will build the Frog kit as a "Spy Taxi".
(Model finished 2015)

But when I started to build I found the engine to be missing. I didn't find a suitable in the spare boxes, so I took one from a Marivox SAAB B17 kit. But I couldn't resist adding some details to it. I then turned to the Airfix engine. The cooling flaps are moulded with an engraved line separating them where a strip should cover this area. So, I added some plastic strips to the cowl. The engine has push rods moulded to the front of the cylinder but the real engine had sleeve valve so there should be two holes on front of the cylinders instead.

As the Frog kit now had a detailed engine I decided to experiment with the interior adding some plastic rods to the sides. It will be interesting to see if a fuel tank will fit between them.

Not entirely correct but at least the cockpit area doesn't look so empty.

I doubt that much of it will be visible behind the thick canopy.

Hardly anything is visible through the thick canopy so adding interior was a waste of time. I decided on a pilot in the cockpit, so I replaced the seat and controls with a pilot from the Airfix kit instead. Perhaps I can use the part in a Matchbox kit later.

The extra fuel tank was made with parts from some Spitfire canopy's and a seat was added at the rear. Time to close up and start assembling the plane.

I was going to build a black Airfix Lysander but ended up with a Frog kit finished as Airfix was of the wrong mark for it.

I used the figures and the ladder from the Airfix kit as they looked better.

With the figure attached I thought that it would look better with the rear canopy open, so I had to vacform that part of the canopy. Well the homemade seat is still visible.

Over all I like the Airfix kit better for the most parts. Frog has little more details in the interior and the wheels look better (What is visible of them) But the landing lights are missing, and the canopy is wrong. With the rear part open it is less visible though.

As the Airfix kit was the wrong version for the "spy plane" I had to find another alternative.
(Model finished 2015)

I like yellow aircraft's so a crop duster in yellow was the answer.

The good thing is that it did really exist, so it isn't a What If. Homemade decals but there is one line of text missing at the bottom of the fin as I don't know what it said.

The "dusting equipment" was built from plastic rods. Now I need to get myself a Matchbox Lysander as well.

August 21, 2016 No updates
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