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Messerschmitt Me163

A couple of Messerschmitt 163 from Academy. The first picture is the rocket powered Me163. This one is placed on the wheels that it drops after take-off. It uses a ski for the landing. It is towed by a modified tractor. I used the front (modified) of the supplied tractor and made new wheels and the tail. The last two pictures are of the trainer Me163S. It was just a glider lacking an engine. This one was built out of the box, placed on the tractor that is included in the kit.
(Models finished 2002)


Heller Messerschmitt Me163

Sometimes you buy a model to later find out that you are not so interested in it.
(Model finished 2016)

At a model shhow I found a second hand Heller Me163 really cheap and bought it. Almost immediately I started to wonder why I bought it. Instead of putting it in the stash to linger there forever, I decided to throw it together. I found a French colour scheme I liked and thats it.

Stockholm May 27, 2002 Updated March 13, 2019
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