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Gloster Meteor TT20

This is a model that took ten years to complete. I started on it in 2006 and left it to mature in September that year. The silver paint had gone on it but I learned that I built the target winch to small and that there were more equipment needed. The kit is from Matchbox.
(Model finished 2016)

In august 2016 I restarted on it. I began by making some chutes out of brass strips and then I built a new larger winch.

After painting the orange, I started on the rest of the towing equipment. It took me a while to figure out how it worked and looked like.

This plane was an ex Danish AF machine that had been converted for target towing. It was operated by the Swedish company Svensk Flygtjänst for the Danes

Gloster Meteor F.4

A Novo release of the Frog kit.
(Model finished 2006)

A demonstrator from Gloster that visited Bromma Airport in Stockholm April 1947.

Built out of the box with homemade decals.

Stockholm August 20, 2016 Updated April 22, 2018
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