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P-51 Mustang

The red Millie P has been on the wish list for a long time and finally I got the kit.
(Model finished 2018)

It is well known that Revell goofed up with the references when they developed this model.

So that's why I had to fix it. The blue lines, the horses and the text was changed to green according to the box art because as everyone knows, the box is all the reference needed in model building.

As I can't follow instructions, I cheated with this one too. The underside was poorly documented from Revell but I found a color profile that showed the underside.
t showed that the stabilizer should be red on the top and since Revell missed the green I assumed they missed this as well.

The model had nice interior and a canopy that cold open, rotating propeller and a retractable rear wheel.
But why retractable rear wheel when the main gear can't retract? The propeller was too flimsy and was glued stuck.

Well talk about flimsy. The canopy was perhaps to flimsy. All moving parts has been glued stuck.
The boxart is very nice. Now it is framed and hang on the wall above the building table. The kit is awful and the colurs are all wrong but look at the box art, it is pretty in pink red.

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