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German Panther tank

Panther Ausf.A

The Esci Panther A was the first of my Panther builds. It was built almost "out of the box". I have made some changes to the schürtzens, and added some extra spare tracks.
(Model finished 1998)

Panther Ausf.D

The Revell Panther D. It would have been built out of the box if Revell hadn't missed something on the road wheels.
The Panther wheels had 16 bolts initially, but it changed to 24. Revell made their wheels with 20 bolts so I decided to fix that.
I also made a binocular sight in the gun mantlet and added vision plugs in the sides of the turret, plus the loading hatch in the left side of the turret
(Model finished 1999)

Befehlspanther special

This is a special used by Schw.Pz.Jäg.Abt. 653. It was a Bergepanther that got a fixed mounted turret from a Panzer IV Ausf.G. The model is an ESCI Ausf.A that I backdated to an Ausf.D, wheels came from Hasegawa and the turret is Hasegawa's Pz IV.G with extra armour from Eduard. I just loved the look of this Panther at first glance. As it was a Bergepanther from the start I perhaps should have added a towing hook?
(Model finished 1999)

Jagdpanther II

This was a paper product. It was a sketch for a proposal of a new Jagdpanther with a 12.8 mm gun. I slaughtered a Esci Jagdtiger wreck and mated this with another wreck, this time a Esci Panther. I then converted this to a Panther II chassis. Well if it's going to be a fantasy product why not walk the whole line? At least it's different, but I'm thinking of reusing the chassis for a Panther II later on.
(Model finished 2000)

Panther II

This project started as a way of using "leftovers" from earlier conversions. I was going to build a Panther II on the Hasegawa Panther Ausf.G hull and with wheels and tracks from a Esci Jagdtiger. Well it didn't work out that way. I decided to use the tracks from the Revell Tiger II instead, doing this I could use the wheels as well. When I managed to mix up the Panther II with the Panther Ausf.F and deleted the hinges on the drivers hatch I extended my plans.
(Model finished 2003)

The good thing of building something like this is that I feel that I can use some "artistic freedom" as there was only was one prototype built and it wasn't a complete tank. So, I decided to use the hatches from the Tiger II but it seemed easier to use much of its front as well instead of trying to remove hatches from both the Panther and the Tiger. I didn't like the rear hull plate on the Hasegawa kit, so I used the one from the Tiger II with boxes from a Revell Jagdpanther. Most of the tools come from the Revell Jagdpanther. The wheels on the Panther II are spaced differently to the original panther so I used details of the Tiger II chassis.

I had some trouble on deciding on what turret to use. Initial plans were to use the Hasegawa Schmalturm but then I thought of using the Tiger II 88 mm gun, so perhaps I should use the Ordinary Panther turret with a new front from the schmalturm.
Or perhaps I could use the schmalturm and make it longer in the rear, (it could perhaps be tricky for the loader otherwise). I finally opted for a modified Panther turret. It is an Esci turret with the Tiger II front plate, gun and mantle from Revell. New side plates was made of plastic card.

Yes, I know that the turret is very fictional. I went through the Jentz Panther book, but the turret is only mentioned in the text, with no pictures or drawings of a turret for a Panther II.

Most of the tools come from the Revell Jagdpanther. Well after my foul up with the drivers hatch hinges I decided to do a version that has been standardized with the Tiger II, using as much parts from it as possible. That is why I opted for the Tiger gun instead of a standard Panther G turret.

The Panther II was a project that ended with one single hull without turret. I tried to explain my thoughts for my model like this: "I made it as if the Germans decided to use the same parts for the Tiger II and the Panther for easier handling of parts for the factories. So, I decided to use as much as possible from the Revell Tiger II. I built he chassis with the Tiger II wheels and cut down the tracks to look like the transport tracks for the Tiger II. I also used the gun and the front plate of the Tiger turret together with the rear and the roof of a Panther turret, adding new sides of plastic card." I don't remember the reason for the paint scheme I used.

Panther Ausf.F

When I built this kit back in 2015 it had been a long time since I managed to finish any kit and even longer since it was a tank. So, I started to build quick easy models, most air planes just to get the feeling for model building back.
(Model finished 2015)

The plan worked well. I built six models and felt that I want to get back to my normal model projects again. While doing these quick builds I found the parts for a Panther F on the shelf and decided to just build it and don't research too much. So, a Revell Panther G was to be connected with wheels and turret from a Dragon Panther F.

But as always it wasn't as easy as one thought. The holes in the wheels were larger than the axle stubs of the Revell hull so I had to replace the axles.

I added a couple of etched parts from Voyager and made some parts from plastic strips.

I removed the hinges from the drivers hatch and built them as sliding hatches.

I just grabbed some jars of green and sand and painted it without concern about the correct colours. The whole meaning was to keep the build simple. I think I will restart on my Panther D that is sleeping somewhere.

Stockholm March 10, 2014 Updated May 21, 2019
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