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Bergepanzer IV

After building the Befehlspanzer III Ausf.K, I had an Airfix Panzer IVF hull left over. I saw some pictures of the Bergepanzer IV and this problem was solved.
(Model finished 1999)

I modernized the Ausf.F hull to a Ausf.H and then scratchbuilt the stuff needed for this model.

Jagdpanzer IV

This is the Matchbox 1/76 scale Jagdpanzer IV.
(Model finished 2001)

I modified it to an earlier type.

This is a Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV/Airfix Panzer IV combo.
(Model finished 2001)

The Airfix Panzer IV got new walls with roof and gun from a Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV, so that I could have an Alkett Jagdpanzer.

They were built on standard Pz.IV chassies, hence the height of it.


I bought the Revell StuG IV fully aware of the awful chassis and gun that comes with the kit. I was planning to substitute the bogies and the gun with parts from the Esci or the Hasegawa Panzer IV, but the project was put to rest.
When I bought a Revell Pz IV I had a look at my StuG and realized that the Pz IV chassie did fit on the Stug with minimal alternations the project was on the road again.
(Model finished 2001)

I decided to make some changes to the hatches and a new MG-mount on the roof to make it to a later version. I liked the result so much that I bought me a second Stug so that I can build an earlier variant.

This is an early StuG IV. It was built in the same Revell Panzer IV/StuG IV combo as the late verion.
(Model finished 2003)

Things that differ from the other StuG IV are. Standard road wheels on all stations and four return rollers.
The idler wheels are different and different positioned hatches on the roof. It got zimmerit and the standard exhaust system.

Panzer IV Ausf.H

Revell Panzer IV Ausf.H in 2PD markings. I built it as a partner to a Panzer II with the same paint scheme
(Model finished 2001)

Revell Panzer IV Ausf.H in Bulgarian markings.
(Model finished 201)


This is an AlBy Wirbelwind turret mounted on the Revell Panzer Ausf.J hull. I had heard so many positive comments on the AlBy stuff so I was a bit surprised when building this.
(Model finished 2001)

The gun is a really impressive thing with brass barrels and nice details. The actual turret was a different thing. The parts weren’t very good, they didn't fit really so I had to make some "plates" of plastic card to get it together.

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