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Mine clearing vehicles

When I was at my local hobby store to get some paint I noticed something from Takom. Looking at it I knew I had to get it. I have tried to find some information of them and apparently around 1940 Krupp and Alkett was requested to construct mine clearing vehicles but there isn't much to find about them on interenet.
(Models finished 2022)

Alkett Vs.Kfz.617

The Alkett prototype was ready for testing in August 1942. It weighed 55 t and had a Panzer I turret and a crew of two. I have hard accepting the two wheels are at the front.

The tests showed that it was slow, hard to operate and thet the weight made it bog down so the project was abandoned. It was captured by the Russians in 1945 and is on display at the Kubinka Tank Museum.

Krupp Schweres Minenräumfahrzeug Räumer S (Selbstantrieb)

Krupp built a single prototype in 1944. It was a dual drive 4x4 two-section vehicle. It weighed 130 t and had 2.7m diameter steel wheels. It had a crew of eight.

There is even less to be found of this one. I know that it was captured by US troops and nothing more is known of it later .

At least we have the offering from Takom. I added figures to this picture to get a feel of the size of these vehicles.


M1 Panther II

This summer I have concentrated on started/half-built kits. One that I found in its box was the mine clearing vehicle from Trumpeter.
(Model finished 2018)

It was built and only needed paint when I lost interest in it. That was about seven years ago.

I had built a M1 and M1IP using Esci kits, a Marine M1A1 and a M1A2 using Dragon kits and finally a M1A2SEP using parts from a Dragon on the Revell kit. I then planned to build a M1 Panther II of the remaining Dragon parts but let it go when Trumpeter announced that they were going to do the Panther II.

I bought the Trumpeter kit and started to explore what had to be altered on the kit. I knew that the Panther II was built on the IP hull, but the kit was made with an later type. Now I remembered that I had some parts left since the last time I built the Abrams, so I had a look at them.

As it turned out I had made almost all the back dating of the Dragon hull to a IP variant so now I decided to use it and add the rest from the Trumpeter kit.

It was built straight out of the box (not counting the hull top swap). The red squares on the Trumpeter hull is the parts I remember changing. I also noted that there is a "panel line" missing in the right-side skirts. It's funny. Revell messed up the right-side skirt on their kit too but worse.

After I finished it I looked at pictures and decided to add some details to the mine roller.

Stockholm September 21, 2018 Updated December 17, 2022
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