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A British Sherman II in the desert

I knew that I had to build a pink Sherman when I first saw a model of one. It wasn't so easy as I thought. I started with an 1/72 scale M4A1 from Esci but found out that it was wrong. I needed an earlier variant.
(Model finished 2005)

Then I read an article on how to back date the Esci kit and I thought that I would give it a try. I needed the hatches in the front hull from the Hät wargaming M4. I cut out a propriate section and grafted it to the Esci kit. I then had to fill up the inside of the front hull to have some material to sand down to get the new shape.

I started to work on the Esci turret, filling the loaders hatch when I learned it was of the wrong type.

I had to switch to the Hät turret instead. Tracks from Revell was sanded down to the right look and suspension had to come from an Hasegawa M3 Grant.

I needed some stowage as well. The back packs are 1/35 scale British ammo pouches that I cut down in length.

Sherman Towing Vehicle

When I found an article at Track Link about a 1/35 scale Sherman Towing Vehicle, I had to build one.
(Model finished 1999)

Captured Sherman tanks were used as towing vehicles by the Germans. This Sherman was used by Schwere Panzerabteilung 507.

My model was a small and fast conversion based on the Airfix 1/76 kit.

Stockholm December 22, 2019 Updated January 18, 2020
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