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Back in 2008 I bought the AH-IV-R from Attack to convert it into a Swedish Strv m/37. I never started on it before a resin kit of the Strv was released so I decided to build it as a Romanian AH-IV-R out of the box.
(Model finished 2022)

But as it turned out, it would take 12 years to finish it.

When IBG started to make Swedish models I decided that it was time to finish it together with the Strv m/37.

A Romanian tank in the Soviet Union built straight out of the box.


Strv m/37

Sweden bought a Czech light tank from CKD. The AH-IV-S, which was to be manufactured in Sweden. According to Swedish wishes, the model was slightly changed from the original, among other things it was extended 200 mm and a Volvo engine was installed instead of the original Czech engine.
It also got Swedish air-cooled machine guns m/36 and radio equipment.
(Model finished 2022)

In 2012 I bought the resin kit from Planet model and started on it together with the Attack AH-IV-R but it died for some reason.

But when IBG released four Swedish tanks I decided to finish this.
I wasn't happy with my first choice of green. I thought it was too dark.

So I mixed a jar of green that would be enough for my other Swedish builds as well.

Finally I managed to paint it.

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