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North Anerican T-6G Texan

This is an ex Swedish Air Force plane.
(Model finished 2017)

After the military service it was used for train SAS radio operators and mechanics. This livery is even later though. This is another of the specials from Heller for the Swedish market. It is a kit for a French plane and have raised panel lines, sadly it also had raised lines to show were the gun pods of the French plane should go under the wings.

I wasn't sure if I should build this one at first. The eyes and Snoopy has the wrong appearance and I had worked on new decals for this one. But i decided to stick with the kit decals in the end.
The red stripes were a bit short and it wasn't easy to put them on the air intake. It was almost an out of the box build. I had to add a bulge under the fuselage. It was mad of part of a P-38 drop tank. I also added some frames to the canopy using yellow decal.

Stockholm January 08, 2018 No updates
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