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Tiger variants

Tiger (p) Befehlswagen

I had an Esci Elefant laying around and after building the Panther with a Pz IV turret I found out that the same unit used a Tiger(p) as a "Befehlswagen".
After having no luck in locating the Milicraft kit I found an old article on building this in 1/76 scale. (But this model is in 1/72 scale).
(Model finished 2000)

The turret is from the old Hasegawa Tiger I kit, and plastic card was used to rebuild the hull. I made a try with a Zimmerit coating of Milliput and a tool made from the side of a CD single box. It has a finer pattern then the boxes from the CD albums.

It isn't 100 percent correct but I like it and once again I managed to avoid resin

Bergetiger (p)

I bought a box of built but unpainted kits and therefore I had this Elefant. Since I was in a Recovery vehicle mood it ended up as an Elefant ARV.
(Model finished 2000)

But I'm getting a bit bored of making the small German crane that seems to be present on their ARV's.
Well this time I made it in work position and made a tiny lifting block to.


This is a S.Pz.Jg.Abt.653 Ferdinand. I modified the Esci Elefant kit.
(Model finished 2001)

I made new grills on the engine deck, new hatch on the roof and removed the machinegun. I also removed the toolbox at the back of the hull.


An Elefant from S.Pz.Jg.Abt.653. It is the Esci kit built with very few alternations. I did leave out the toolbox on the right front hull.
(Model finished 2001)

Most of the models above has now been released by Dragon.


Sturmtiger from AMC models
(Model finished 2015)

Well I wasn't impressed with the kit, so I used most parts from a Revell Tiger I and combined it with parts of the Sturmtiger.

Jagdtiger Henschel

This is a Jagdtiger from Esci. Well it started as one. The Jagdtiger had a longer chassis than the Tiger II but Esci used the same chassis for both kits. When I was about to build the Esci Jagdtiger I inspected the Tiger II and Jagdtiger from Fujimi and noticed that the chassis were different between the two, so I started to look at the possibility of using the Fujimi chassis on the Esci kit even though the Fujimi kit was in 1/76 scale and Esci in 1/72.
(Model finished 2002)

The Fujimi chassis were in the same length as the Esci but narrower. I added 1 mm strips on both sides of the Fujimi floor to get the correct width and mated it with the Esci hull getting the longer wheelbase (sprocket to idler) of the Jagdtiger. The Fujimi kit had an interior so I used that as well.

So, what I used was:
From Esci: Hull, rear plate of the chassis and tracks.
From Fujimi: Sides and floor of the chassis and the interior.
The rest was mix and match of both kits. This isn't probably a 100% correct solution but at least it gives me a Tiger II and a Jagdtiger with a clearly visible different chassis.

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