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Avro Lancastrian

I wanted the civilian version of the British WW2 bomber Avro Lancaster.
(Model finished 2006)

To build one I used a conversion set from M&E and the Airfix Lancaster kit.

The conversion set contained an injection moulded nose and tail cone. I filled the hole for the gun turret and cut out the new passenger windows.

It was a rather easy conversion

I guess that the decals are for a wartime aircraft as it has the tri colour stripes under the registration letters.

Handley Page Halton

The Handley Page Halifax was also used civilian. The civilian variant was called Halton.
(Model finished 2006)

I used a conversion set from Magna models with the Airfix Halifax to build mine.

The Magna set included a resin nose and a bump under the belly, white metal air intakes for the engines,

a resin tail

and new wingtips in resin.

I decided to use the decals for a BOAC machine.

Perhaps I should have chosen a red plane instead. There were options for five different planes.

Short Stirling

Having built the civilian variant of both the Lancaster and Halifax bombers I started looking for a civilian variant of the third British Heavy, the Short Stirling but found nothing.
(Model finished 2006)

I found that there was a transport variant though but for this I couldn't find any conversion sets, so I had to improvise and scratch build.

I used the leftover glass nose from the Halifax

and filled the tail.

The transport variant was used by the RAF but I would prefer a civilian to go with the others.

I managed to find a Belgian plane that was ex RAF. The old markings were still visible, so I printed them as silver coloured decals.

I guess this is more of a lookalike than a perfect model of it but now I have civilian variants of the three British WW2 bomb planes.

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