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A 28B Vampire

Back in the 1980's the Swedish distributor of Heller started to add Swedish decals to the kits. Later Heller made special issues for the Nordic market.
(Model finished a very long time ago.)

This is one of those. Brush painted with Humbrol using the kit decals.

It was still standing on the shelf when I started on my new build so I thought that I should take some pictures of it.
I notice that I added some modified rockets under the wings so I suppose it would make it a A 28B.

J 28B Vampire

A Heller kit built as a Swedish J 28B.
(Model finished 2022)

I started on this in 2020, It was supposed to be a quick out of the box build.

Everything went well with this build and 3 weeks later it was ready for paint. As usual the project died at this point.

Two years later I found the motivation to restart on it and got some paint on it. I started on the decals when I noticed the position lights in the wing tips. I wasnt sure if I should add these as I had already painted it and had the first decals in place,

But then the model made the decision that it want position lights.
The decal was positioned right and I put on some decal fluid but later when I looked, it had moved. I now had to sand the fin and repaint it so lights there will be.

I sanded the decal off and started on the lights.

In the end with the lights in place and paintjob repaired I was pleased with it, but now I had a problem. The destroyed red F needed to be replaced but it wasn't like the standard letters used in Flygvapnet so I asked around if someone had an unused to spare.

A BIG thank you goes to Jonny, a fellow modeller who sent me decals to finish the Vampire.

But it was fighting me to the end. When I restarted with the decals I noticed that it should have drop tanks under the wings. The Airfix two-seater came to rescue but I feel that they are a bit long at the rear. I'll let this pass. When I got the tanks in place and once again restarted on the decals I noticed that I lost a door to the landing gear. I didn't look forward to scratch build one but then I remembered my sleeping Venom conversion. There were doors left over in the box of it. When the glue and paint had set on the new door I finally could finish this build.

Decals are from Moose Republic. I chose a plane from the first division (red) of the F9 wing in Gothenburg. The red devil was the insignia of the division.

Stockholm November 19, 2022 Modified November 21, 2022
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