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Grumman Widgeon

It was hard to find the inspiration needed to finish these after the build got stale.
(Models finished 2017)

This is the old Grumman Widgeon from Airfix. Why do I always return to old bad kits?
The engine cowlings are to narrow so I added 0,4 mm plastic card between the halves.

To balance the fault with the narrow engines the windscreen is too wide.

One kit had parts missing so I made a mould for the engine and float halves so that I could cast new parts. One propeller was also missing so I am trying to convert and DH Heron prop. I didn't get the spinner pointy enough, so I think that I will try to sand down the original propeller to match the new one. It seems to be the easiest route.

First coat of paint is on. Time to mask for the next colour.

One hour of masking and I'm just halfway.

I don't know if it meditative or just boring. And this is just the first plane.

Second coat of paint is on. At least on one of the planes.

The second one I dropped while painting. It made a flat drop landing on the belly. Floats and tail wheel broke off, but it could have been worse. The blue is more on the green side than the picture show.

Masking tape removed, and I'm revealed to find only minor things to repair. No large disasters.

Decals in place. These planes were used by Swedish newspapers. Dagens Nyheter, a morning paper and Expressen an evening paper used the blue and silver one while Stockholmstidningen (morning paper) and Aftonbladet (evening paper) had a red and white one.

The decals were a little hard and didn't go down in the recesses even with the aid of Microsol.

The text VIKING wasn't included on the sheet, so I masked and painted it.
Almost done.

Looking at pictures of the real plane made me wonder about the yellow letter on the top. I had only black and white pictures, but I could see no difference in shade between the silver fuselage and the letters, so I decided to change them.

I need to do something about the landing gear on this one as one side seem to be longer than the other.

I had the same issue with the letters on this one, so I changed them to white instead.

I managed to break the landing gear on this one, so I had to rebuild it so this one stands straight.
It only took three years to build these simple kits.

Stockholm September 26, 2017 No updates
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