Miscellaneous things

This is a page for things that don't fit in at my other pages. It might be the wrong scale or some odd subjects.

Blitz AA Blitz AA
I saw a model of a similar 1/35 AA-gun Blitz and wanted one in 1/72 or 1/76. Well I can't find any 20mm guns in my scale (I sure need a couple) and I really liked this one, so I decided to be drastic. I got a 37mm gun in 1/35 cheap and picked out an old Italeri Blitz I built many years ago. I cut the kit up, stripped the paint with oven cleaner and put it back in this shape. It's OK, BUT I STILL WAN'T IT IN MY BRAILLE SCALE!!!!

M13/40 I found the Tamiya 1/35 scale Fiat Ansaldo M13/40 tank on sale. I never built it as a kid so I though it was time for it. It is really my first 1/35 scale tank. I built it out of the box, just added metal tracks

Goalie player
My friend's son has a table hockey game and for his fourth birthday I painted some players as his favourite team. I made the decals for them. The team is the year 2000 champions in our national leauge. The Djurgårdens IF.
The size is close to 1/35 scale figures.

62 chevy 62 chevy
A 1/25 scale '62 Chevy Bel Air from AMT. The rust is prevale after 10 years on Swedish winter roads.
This is my return to the 1/25 scale automobiles after almost 20 years. I used to build cars when I was a kid. I got my first airbrush at the time i built my last cars, so this is the first attempt with Bare Metal Foil chrome.
I can say for sure it wan't be the last automobile I will build but I can't see them coming in as a main iterest again. But one should never say never...

Stockholm May 27, 2002