On the workbench

A7V body A7V, German WW1 tank
A7V chassie
I've been tying to scratchbuild an german A7V WW1 tank,it will be in 1/72 scale and will have an complete interior. I have been building on and off with this for a couple of years, but there is always some information missing so the work stops. I think that I´ll finally got all I need to finish it now, so maybe... Have you ever seen the Tauro 1/35 A7V kit?. Then you know it has a plain chassie more like a WW2 type.
This is how it ought to looked like.
Rumours are that Emhar is going to beat me to it. I don't mind I can use more than one A7V
Fokker FokkerD.VI

This will hopefully turn into an Fokker D.VI. It is an mix of parts from Revell´s Fokker Triplane and their Fokker D.VII. The tail and the wings (who have been shortend) are from the D.VII the rest from the triplane. To this I have scratchbuilt an cockpitinterior. I just feel a bit puzzled on how to get all the parts together without damage to the lozenge decals that will be covering the whole aeroplane. I have received some tips and I have done it once before. But still...
Panzer I Ausf.A
I had a Esci PanzerJäger in my scrapbox and a old article on how to scratchbuild an Pz1A. Mating these with some photos will hopefully complete this project
The biggest problem will probably to scratchbuild the turret.
Perhaps a colorsceme from the spanish civilwar could fit this one?
As I said I'm into recovery vehichles. Rummaging through "THE BOX" I found a Esci Panther Ausf.A and a Hasegawa Panther Ausf.G.
The Hasegawa kit isn't much to have but they did incorporate something important for this project: those 16 bolt wheels that the early Panther Ausf.D had.
Instead of cutting away the wheels on both kits and then try to mount them again, I decided to take Hasegawas chassie and mate it with the Esci hull.
Bergepanther Another picture of my bergepanther, this is the floor with the torsionbars. I have no idea if they will be visible when the model is finished.
I'm putting together a Airfix Sherman hull and a Matchbox Priest chassie. I think it could end up as a early Sherman.

Stockholm February 17, 2000