Early vehichles

AA Gun On B-type bus chassie
v Mobile_AA-gun
Mobile_AA-gun Mobile_AA-gun
Mobile_AA-gun This is a scratch built anti aircraft gun mounted on the standard 'B'type bus chassie. I really like this model. I spent several hours building it and mentioning that each rear wheel is built up by 80 pcs. might explain that. The scale is 1/72 and the inspiration came from an IPMS magazine (UK) where an 1/32 model was built. I used that article an old Airfix 1/32 'B'-type bus wreck for measurement and photos of the real bus in London transport museum and the Imperial war museum.
Tank_Mk.I_female Tank_Mk.I_female
Tank Mk.I Female
(I have now found out that the plans I used for the sponsons are incorrect. They should be more narrow at the front. Sigh...)
British WW1 tank Mk.I "Female"
Not visible on these photos is a new roof that I casted in polyester. The Mk.I had an round escape hatch on the roof but the kit has the later style. The kit is an Airfix Mk.I "Male" which had canons in the side sponsoons. I wanted to make the machingun equipped "female" type and made some siliconemouldings for casting new sponsoons and the roof. The grenade screen on the roof was made of wood and Verlinden mesh wire.

Ford_Tf-c Ford Tf-c armoured car
This is almost WW1, it´s an 1/72 scale RPM-kit. It reproduces a polish Ford Tf-c armoured car used in the 1920'th
Renault_FT-17 Renault_FT-17
Renault_FT-17 Renault FT-17 Tank
This is Matchbox 1/76 Renault FT-17 Tank. The grey/green on has I converted to a radioequipped tank. I scratchbuilt a new upperstructure and antenna mounts. The muticolored camouflage tank is built straight out of the box, except for the colors.

Stockholm February 17, 2000