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Lotus Esprit submarine

I'm not sure if I should add this among the cars or ships. The submarine Lotus Esprit from a James Bond movie.
(Model finished 2017)

It's a 1/24 scale kit from Fujimi that I bought when it was released but it just went in to the stash and then I lost interest in it. I had decided to sell it but when Roger Moore passed away I decided to build it at last.

I built it out of the box with one small modification.

The decal sheet had an Esprit decal for the nose as well while the real car had Lotus there instead, so I had to draw and print that decal.

But there is one thing that I made wrong (that I know of). The parking light/turn signal in the front is wrong. I followed the instructions and have the clear part outward which is correct for a Lotus Esprit and for a movie car as long it is above water. For some reason the orange part is outward in the underwater scene.

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