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Avro 504

As we had a 1920 theme for the 08-Open in Stockholm I had to build something. Why not a horrible kit in a horrible scale. I know that 1/48 isn't not my scale, but I had no plans of bringing it home again after the show. Besides, it isn't 1/48. It is 1/50 so maybe that is why I choose it.
(Model finished 2016)

As I said a horrible model but at least they placed the ejector mark in a good spot. In the engraved roundels centre. Yes, moulded markings. It is a kit from the 1950ís.

Scraping between the ribs with a craft knife with a curved blade. The result might not be correct, but the surface gets some "life" in the wing and the engraved markings disappear. After 3.5 hours of work I'm halfway. Then, I needed to rest, the elbow started to hurt.

When almost done with the wings one happens to look at the fuselage and realize that the misery continues there. After the fuselage has been done I started to glue some plastic strips on the inside of the fuselage. Well with the size of the kit some of it might be visible for a change. 1/72 is my normal scale.

The work of something to resemble an interior is almost done. A third seat was built and s plastic card was added behind the cockpit as a start to rebuild the back. Some information about the original can be found here:

I got the wing in place and modified the rudder so now I need to build a set of floats for it.

Floats was started with some guess work from pictures.

The floats are short, so it is a possible "tail sitter".

Old planes mean lot of rigging. I'm not ready for double and triple wires so I cheated and went for single lines.

I got the lines in place and managed to finish the plane in time for the show.

It didn't become the heavy tail sitter I was afraid of. Still too heavy in the tail but at least the rudder doesn't touch the ground.

This plane didn't have much markings. I got fond of this little plane during the build process, so I didn't discard it after the show. It now has a place on the shelf with my other models.

Stockholm September 20, 2017 No updates
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