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VW Transporter

September 9, 2010
It all started when I was awarded a Hasegawa VW Transporter from IPMS Gothenburg with the words: "Now we want to see it built"
I decided to have it finished for their competition. Built out of the box I finished it in the old Scandinavian Airlines colours.

1937 Ford panel

September 20, 2011
Last year I built a VW van in Scandinavian Airlines colours. Now I followed this up with a 1937 Ford in Aerotransport colour.

It is based on a picture from the late 40'th but I used the model I could find, and it was this 1/25 scale Revell kit.

Volvo 850

September 13, 2012
As I've made a Scandinavian Airlines VW Transporter and a 1937 Ford Panel Van from ABA (AB Aerotransport) earlier I felt that it was time to finish this little series of cars in aircraft colours.

The final one is a Tamiya Volvo 850 in the late SAS colour. I used the Xtracolour SAS red.

Narrow strips of masking tape were cut and applied to the windows. Tamiya flat base with a small amount of clear to bind it was sprayed on the widows giving a frosty appearance.

The car looked to clean so I sprayed Tamiya Buff on the lower parts of the body.

I needed snow, so I glued micro balloons on the flat surfaces. The result wasn't what I wanted and expected. Instead of the smooth surface of fresh snow, by accident I got how my car use to look when the snow melts and freezes and melts and freezes and....
A hard uneven layer of snow. I actually like how it turned out, so I will not try to achieve the fresh snow look I wanted at the beginning.

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