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Airfix Bullfinches

The old Airfix kit in a Japanese box. I guess it is a male and a female.
When my sister cleaned out a closet some old kits and left-over parts of my niece and nephew's modelling days turned up and I rescued them.
Among the stuff was this kit that my niece never started on.
(Model finished 2020)

It is a good thing that I am used to crappy models as the fit of the parts isn't great. The body consist of a top and bottom plus two wings. It is the wings that are problematic. The contact points for glue are few so I had the reinforce the joints with superglue/baking powder on the one to the right.
I was looking at pictures to see the colours on Bullfinches when I suddenly realised that the beaks are totally wrong. They don't look anything like the right thing. With the fit of the parts I thought that the kit wasn't too good. But I use to say that: "it's not a good model if I don't need to bring out the saw". So this is a good model after all.

I had to build a new beak out of plastic card as I think it is to pointy for a Bullfinch.

Reshaping the body of the female with Magic Sculp. On to the beak next.

Another bad nose job from the unlicensed plastic surgeon.

Got some primer on but I'm unhappy with the scribing I did on the converted one.
The box claims that the scale is 1/1.
As I thought the kits beak was wrong for a Bullfinch it seemed like a good idea to convert them. The kits is a bit small. They are 11 and 12 cm long. But it doesn't really matter.
My sister asked me to build the Bullfinches so she could bring them to her work at a preschool and now she'll get two different birds instead.

Well, Mrs Bullfinch has been to the plastic surgeon for a nose job and bought a new yellow dress. It is really fun building something different for a change.

With some more painting.

I'm not good at this but it is turning out better than I had hopes for.

I can see you.
I got the eyes in place and decided that this is the best I can do and say that painting is finished.

Now on to the legs and something to mount the birds to. I need something sturdier that the Airfix stand.

I've decided on wooden stands. Pins through the legs was all that was needed to hold the bird in place. Now they can stand on a table or hang on a wall.

Let call them finished.

It was really nice to build something different for a change.

But as usual I have problems with building out of the box so one Bullfinch ended up as a Big Tit.

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