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Bumper car in 1/20 scale

What shall one do with an old computer mouse?
(Model finished 2018)

OK. That was a stupid question, everyone knows that it should be recycled. So, letís do that.

I started by disassembly it and removing everything in it. Then I stripped the paint and cut away the top at the rear. Then I filled the hole for the mouse wheel with Magic Sculp.

The recesses in the sides was built up with plastic card and Magic Sculp.

Two 1/25 scale car seats were put together in to a sofa.

After some plastic strips, more Magic Sculp and some filler it started to look like something.

A few holes for the front and rear light was drilled before it was time for some paint.

I had a spray can of metallic purple that I thought would work for this. I decided to add some silver to it as it looked dull in a single colour.

There isn't much interior needed in a car like this. It ended up close to 1/20 scale, so it will fit in with my Formula 1 cars.

Stockholm August 23, 2018 No updates
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