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1931 Cadillac V16/2

I got my hands on an old glue bomb. It is a kit from Jo-Han that had been started and the body was brush painted in silver.
(Model finished 2013)

Some parts were broken others were missing. I couldn't save the V16 engine, so I decided to build an Hot Rod.

The front axle was replaced with one from a VW Beetle to get a low front.

I found a Cadillac V8 engine in the scrap box, so I used it instead. It looks very small in the car but at least it is a Cadillac engine. I wanted the engine to show but the small chromed hatches on the hood is so Cadillac and I wanted them as well but with a closed hood the engine would be invisible. So, I made a compromise. I now have both features.

The Humrol silver paint was hard to remove so I just sanded it a bit and made the paint job look even worse. I first thought of using truck wheels at the rear as I wanted somewhat wider rear wheels but opted for twin mounted wheels from the kit instead. That left me without front wheels, so I used Ford model T wheels from AMT.

I finished by chopping the roof a bit. It turned out more a Rat Rod than a traditional Hot Rod and it look horrible, but I saved one kit from the trash bin.
But what with the V16/2 in the title then? Well 16 divided with two makes 8 so a V16 divided with two is a V8.

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