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Fokker Dr.1 528/17

In the club we had a Fokker challenge. Build the Eduard 1/48 Fokker DR1. We should bring what we managed to do (finished or not) to the last meeting before summer.
That would give us six months to finish it. I have occasionally bent the rules but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and build in this awful scale.
I got myself an Revell boxing of the kit and dived in to the unknown.
(Model finished 2018)

I planned on a simple build without any extras, so the cockpit just got some paint.

But I was going to build it without weapons and realized that I needed to build a simple fuel tank as it was going to be visible with the guns gone.

I should probably have added exhaust pipes as well.

Ready for some paint.

It became silver coloured.

This plane was used by DLR in mail runs between January 1919 and February 1923 but for some reason it didn't get scrapped with the rest of the warplanes after the Versailles treaty.

528/17 was displayed at the Deutsches Luftfahrt Museum in the 1930's. Now repainted to look like Manfred von Richthofen's plane.

It was later used in the 1938 movie Pour le Mérite and it is rumoured that it had crashed sometime after the movie.

I normally stay away from this scale, but I found that WW1 planes in this scale are rather nice.

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