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U.S.S. Eggerprise

Apparently, I didn't eat enough eggs this Easter because I wanted more! So here is a recipe for an odd dish:

(Model finished 2009)

A bag of Easter decorations.

From the spare boxes a couple of rocket pods from an Airfix F-4 Phantom.

Two cocktail sticks with a ball on the top.

One 1/144 scale aircraft stand from Revell and the only part left from my old AMT Star Trek space station
add to this some plastic card and plastic strips and we are ready to go.

I started by cutting an egg-shaped hole in the egg (duh!) and turned the cut out over and glued it back again leaving me an egg with a concave bump.

Next step was the engines. In the hole at the end of the rocket pod I glued the ball from the end of the cocktail stick. The joint between the ball and the pod was covered with a plastic strip.
It also got a "lip" from a wider strip of plastic. The other end of the rocket pod was rounded so this was covered with a piece cut out of thin plastic card.

To finish everything off I added some short pieces of thin plastic rods and some small plastic rectangles.

The saucer was cut out from thick plastic card and the circular model stand was glued to the bottom of it. The small stand was glued on the top of the saucer with the small hole covered with a round window from the spares box

All that was left to do was to put all the parts together with some plastic card and plastic strips. The radar disc is the saucer from the small USS Enterprice that was left from my old space station..
Then on to puttying and sanding before the paint and decals came on. The decals were found in the spares box as well.
I built the stand with thick black plastic card that was covered in a copper coloured mirror foil and the pin left from the small stand used earlier.

It was fun and quick to build this small model. The total length is about 5.5".

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