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Egg Tram

A plastic egg became the starting point for this build.
(Model finished 2012)

Plastic strips and tubes in various sizes was used and a N-scale train boogie was split and made wider to fit this build

I painted it in Stockholm colours and made the circular signs and logos egg shaped instead.

A simple base was made to finish it. It was finished for the Easter 2012.

A second Egg Tram

I had not planned to build another one, but I was asked to build one as a gift for a colleague who got retired.
(Model finished 2013)

I wasn't happy with the build. All the time I thought that it looked bad and just felt like scrapping it, but a promise is a promise, so I went on with it.

I found out that we had some spray cans at work with the original colours, so I used them. Then I painted the roof with a gloss grey from Humbrol.

When I was about to put a dull coat on the roof it suddenly dawned to me at the all gloss tram really looked like it was mad of porcelain. That effect doesn't show on pictures, but I decided to leave it like that.
I had drawn decals and also signs for the roof but decided to leave it in the clean porcelain look. Instead I made new signs for the base.

Now I am glad that I didn't quit because in the end I like this one better than the first one I made.

Stockholm April 24, 2012 Updated December 24, 2013
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