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Fokker V4

I'm trying to build the Fokker Triplane prototype in 1/32 scale.
(Model finished 2008)

Using a Roden Dr.1 kit I started by shortening the fuselage, then I went on cutting down the span of the wings. One big problem was making the jigs to be able to attach the top wing. I had to try it six times to get it right.

The V-shaped struts for the top wing is now to short so I must make them longer. I'm not sure if they will hold up or if I should do them in metal instead. I had to move the hinges after the wings had been cut.

Well working from some photos, it will not be an exact scale model of the prototype. It's more a lookalike but I really like to build the Dr.1 in this scale so when I finish this one I want to build an F.1 as well.
But to be honest I was disappointed to find that there was no instruments or seatbelts in the kit. It is such a large kit that those parts are visible.

The parts been put together in to a plane.

The finished plane. The top wing is a bit wobbly but as I understand it so was the original. It was my first attempt of rigging with nylon tread and I'm not satisfied with the results, so I'll have to try something else for my next plane. But I had fun building it.

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