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This is the Polar Lights 1/24 scale kit of Herbie.
(Model finished 2008)

The kit had the larger licence plate light that arrived with the 1964-year model. I backdated it with a smaller licence plate light from an old Pyro kit and some plastic card.
I painted the body with Tamiya Racing White that I had bought of mistake for another project. The slight beige tint of the white paint worked better here.

The kit didn't have ordinary water decals, it had self-adhesive stickers, so I had to make new ones for it.
I nicked the wheels for another project, so I used wider wheels from a Monogram '57 Chevy Nomad and the hub caps from the 1974 issue of Herbie since the Polar Light kit didn't have any VW-logos anywhere in the kit.

This is another Herbie that I built as a kid. It is a Revell 1/25 scale kit. I think it was released for the 1974 movie Herbie rides again. Sadly, it is a later model of the Beetle than Herbie was and that always bothered me but with the Polar Lights kit I now have an more correct version.

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