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Hkp 4E(gg)

Another project has found its shape, and it’s not what it might look like.
(Model finished 2009)

An Egg Beater
Since I am in deep with egg planes and a helicopter is sometimes called the EGG BEATER I could just as well to build one. I will probably get some criticism from collectors because I started with an old Tamiya Vertol 107 in 1/100 scale.

I cut it into small pieces and assembled it together with a plastic egg. I started by gluing the body halves together and cutting the nose and tail off. I then cut the top off the egg and replaced with a piece of plastic card. The tail was looking narrow on the egg, so I broke the joint and only kept the rearmost part glued, I then bent the rest out so it got wider at the joint to the egg and glued them together..

When I was looking in the scrap boxes, I found parts from an old Airfix and Fujimi helicopter in 1/72 scale and thought that it would look even more caricature like, if I mixed in the parts from them. I did not like the look of the wedge-shaped “aft tower” so I broke it off and the tail halves were glued together again. The tail was mounted back on the egg and then I glued the nose in place.

Then I assembled the Airfix air intakes on the aft tower and the side housings from Fujimi. The remainder from the top of the egg was used to extend the underside of the tail. I decided to use the Airfix cockpit glass for a wider look of the nose. Small plastic pieces were attached to steady the whole construction.

I thought the roof was to flat so I decided to lower it, so I cut away more of the egg side. This would make the roof slightly sloping instead. After that it was time for a filler for the nose to smooth out rearward towards the egg.

Now it really looked like the helicopter version of the Frankenstein’s monster with all the cuts and scars.

More small plastic pieces were used to make everything more stable before I put on Milliput to fill things out and have a rounder appearance of everything. But why did I mention Barbapapa in the beginning. Well while filling and sanding the lower side of the body it reminded me of Barbapapa so I painted it just to be annoying.

Let’s go on with the “eggicopter”. With all the putty on it looks nicer.

The sponsons at the rear is next.

I start with the parts from the Tamiya kit.

and adding parts from Airfix. They were shortened 10mm.

The left side is underway to.

The rotor blades were too long, so I had to cut them. I decided to make them wider as well.

To make the rotor blades wider I filed a notch in both parts.

Then the parts are glued together where the notches connect to each other. After that there is only a matter of putty and sanding.

One can imagine how it will look in the end.

Most parts are on their positions put the pictures doesn’t really capture the rounded look.

I need to find some suitable wheels though.

Landing gear from Fujimi and wheels from a 1/144 scale airliner.

I have started to paint it. I also need to make a base for it.

Send in the Marines. Windows are masked, and model is ready for paint.

Greenpeace? No but I have some decals left over from another kit and they will be used on this model.

Masking for the other colours has begun.

I also started on a base for the helicopter. I had read an article on how to make water and even bought the material but I couldn’t find the article, so I had to improvise.

The waves shrunk and cracked while drying so I’m not happy with the result, but it has to do.

With the masking removed I noticed that it needed some touch ups. Then it is time for decals and landing gear.

Time for decals after a layer of Tamiya gloss clear.

The decals came from an Airfix kit.

And a protective coat of flat clear on top.

Finally, the landing gear was added.

I tried to make an eye in the periscope.

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