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F-17 Felix and Tp80 Lancaster

Why is it always the wrong version that is released?
(Models finished 2020)

Well, there is nothing that is impossible to change. With a saw and a plastic egg, you solve a lot. I had bought decals in 1/144 scale to build it as "A Bit O' Lace" but changed my mind. I would build a Boeing-SAAB F-17 Felix instead. SAAB converted a couple of B-17 into airliners at the end of the war.

The bomb doors were were cut loose and glued in closed position. It is funny that they fitted better than many kits hatches that is meant to fit in closed position.
The model is a little tricky to get together. It should be possible to build without gluing, but the tolerances are too tight. The window openings in the stern must be enlarged in order for the clear parts to fit.

After cutting out windows, everything went south. The paint did not work. I tried several different ones. Some gave a silver-coloured gravel walk while others played splatter movies, so I gave up.

Parallel with this, I had started on another Meng.
I had actually intended to sell both as I lost interest in them. But I realized that I could do a conversion.

Remains from my Tintin submarine

and from a Sea Venom was needed.

The scrap was combined with a little Magic Sculp

Before it all ended up on the plane.

The fins were rebuilt as well.

Some paint and decals and I got a Tp 80. The Swedish Lancaster used as a jet engine test bed.

Again, the silver colour did not want to play. But what happened to the B-17 then?

It was finished without inspiration to continue. I just wanted to get it off from the build table.

The problem of painting together with the tired ALPS printer almost killed the project. If you look at the ABA text, you see that the printer leaves streaks without colour.

Two models for the boxes in the darkest corner of the basement.

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