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SAAB 29 "Tunnan"
("The Flying Barrel")

This is somewhat inspired by the egg plane series from Hasegawa. Well as the J29 was called "Flygande Tunnan" which translates into "The Flying Barrel" it was really no options. It had to be built. But a barrel as an egg? No! I better stick to its nickname, so I built a barrel from plastic card and mate it with parts from the Matchbox/Revell J29 kit.

A short Matchbox J 29 Tunnan

When I found a shortened fuselage in the spare part boxes I got an idea for it. I had used it for testing, so it was in a rough state. I searched the boxes for usable parts an found some new Matchbox wings and the clear parts from the old Airfix Lancaster.
(Model finished 2015)

With a short fuselage I needed to cut down the wings.

I wanted a fatter fuselage, so I broke the fuselage apart and added some plastic wedges. The matt part of the new canopy was easily polished, and the shape of the plane is coming along.

I found the wings still being too long, so the wing tips was cut off as well.

With the wings on I felt happy with the look of it so on with the tedious work with putty and sand paper.

The front part of the kit canopy was mated to the Lancaster radome. I was playing with different landing gears but decided that it looked better "in the air" so I mounted it on an old Matchbox stand.

I used the decals from the Revell issue of the kit but needed to swap the national insignia for some smaller roundels. As I don't like to waste models this was built.
For a long time I have thought about haow to make an Eggplane-Tunnan but never found a way to do it. But I like this one, so I'll put the eggplane thought to rest.

SAAB goes Star Trek?

At the 2013 08-open we had a Tunnan WHIF (What If) class and this was my contribution.
(Model finished 2013)

Sorry for the picture quality. I bought a cheap compact camera and decided to try it on a model as well. It did better that I expected so I decided to use the pictures.

Since I used parts from four kits on this one might think it is a good way of downsizing the stash but with all the time needed to build this it might have been quicker to build four kits instead.
I used the fuselage from the 1/48 AZ J 29 Tunnan, wings and two fuselages from Matchbox 1/72 J 29 Tunnan and the saucer of the Enterprise-D from the three-piece AMT Star Trek kit.

I named it H.M.S. Fylgia from a light cruiser that once was used in the Swedish navy.

The information plate.

SAAB-Kockums sign. This is a bit funny. In 2014 SAAB bought the Kockums Shipyard and it was renamed SAAB Kockums AB.
One year earlier I played with the names thinking that SAAB makes flying things and Kockums makes ships. So, they would be combined for spaceships. I added the SAAB name to the old Kockums logo.

Volvo Aerospace sign. Another play with words. Volvo Flygmotor (Volvo Aero engines) used to make the engines for the SAAB fighters.

Two pics during assembly. My photo possibilities were limited at the time, so I had to use the mobile phone camera.

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