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New York Police Department, NYPD

I am trying to build some New York city police cars in the different colour schemes they have had.

1923 Ford Model T

One of New York Police Department's earlier cars was a Ford Model T. A black standard car marked with the letters PD.
I used a 1923 model from AMT in 1/25 scale for this build straight out of the box. I only added licence plates and the PD-letters.
(Model finished 2011)

1936 Ford 5 window coupé

In 1935 some colour was added to the cars. The black fenders were kept but the body became green.

(Model finished 2011)

I painted my 1936 Ford in these colours. The 1/25 scale kit from AMT is showing its age. It was first released in the early 1960s.

The body looks like it has been done in mould that is made of multiple parts that don't fit together. There was a strange mould seam that had to be fixed. The body surface was uneven and had lots of flash. The interior tub was to wide, so it had to be sanded down and the inside of the body also had to be thinned down. When I was going to mount the front wheels, I found that AMT had mixed the part numbers on the front axles, so I found that I had a lowered front. It looked cool but was wrong, so I had to remove it and add the right one instead. The front window was too large and had to be fixed. But now it is finished. A green police car.

1940 Ford Coupé

In 1937 they added a white roof, hood and trunk lid. In 1939 the hood became green again.

My third police car is a 1940 Ford from Lindberg. A rather ill-fitting kit.
(Model finished 2011)

I decided to glue the body to the fenders before painting just because of this.

It turned out to be a bad decision, the interior could not be inserted afterwards.

So, I had to make some cuts in the body to get the interior in.

Which destroyed the exterior. This made me take a break from it for a month.

Then I tried to repair the damage.

But now it's finally finished.
Two crappy Ford kits in a row. I hope the Johan Plymouth is better (but I'm not too positive about that).

1968 Plymouth Fury

I built the Jo-Han kit as a kid in Los Angeles PD colours and wanted to build it again, but they become rare and expensive. Many years later it was released in a small batch, but they were not easy to find and became expensive. Later I found one of these without a body, but the rest of the kit was complete, and it was very cheap, so I decided to strip my old car from the brush painted thick layers of Humbrol paint and use the body on the new kit. It saved me lots of work not having to strip the entire old kit from paint. The new kit was made of a light blue plastic while the clear parts were green tinted. The old kit was in White plastic with uncoloured clear parts. As my model would have rather much white on it I wasn't sad that the body was white.
(Model finished 2019)

I built it straight out of the box (almost). The "bubble gum light" on the roof was red in the kit when it should have been uncoloured. While searching the net for info about the car I read a review of the kit that stated that the red lights wasn't made of red plastic. It was clear plastic painted with clear red. That wasn't the fact with my kit but in the spare box I had a second light with a strange pale red colour. I stripped it from colour and had a clear light for my car. I guess one has to have some luck sometimes.

The green tinted window looks OK but the head lights look strange in green. Piano wire was added to the antenna instead of the thick oval plastic rod in the kit. There we have it. Another livery of the NYPD-cars.

Stockholm November 24, 2012 Updated march 04, 2019
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